We have a passion for businessa love of great coffee and locally sourced fresh food. All things motorized, has been in our blood since we were little knee slappers! Motorcycles and classic cars are a lifestyle not a hobby! The Island we live on and the people we meet are the biggest passion. Blessed to have an abundance of natural beauty surrounding us and the love of great people like yourself. This has been a long-time dream, morphing and changing
over the past 15 years to what it is today.

Jordan has worked as a paramedic for 30 years. He has served people of his local communities, throughout Alberta and BC as well as overseas.  Through all his adventures, he has taken his love of coffee and motorsports with him and connected with people through these passions.  On every job site he had his personal coffee-making equipment, and often converted "regular" coffee drinkers into coffee aficionados! Started early by his father, who enforced the law astride an early 70's Harley Davidson Electra-Glide Police Edition, his love of all wheeled transport began.

He organized and worked a dirt bike medic team to provide medical assistance to the "Trans Rockies Challenge", from Fernie to Canmore over 7 days. He ran a "Marine Circle" tour on motorbike, taking in all that this beautiful rainforest has to offer. His personal travels have taken him to MotoGP races in the Americas and Europe, and the hometown of Valentino Rossi, Tavulia, Italy.   

Cora Lea's Dad introduced the love of motorbikes to her at a very young age, and she always enjoyed riding as his passenger.  Until this past year, she continued as a passenger, until she was convinced by her best friend to train and get her own Motorcycle license!

As a long-time football fanatic, she was not easily swayed into the world of motorsports. But after years (decades) of Jordan’s growing love of the sport, she came on board.  Not only is she fascinated with the sport racing of MotoGP, she can now out-bet Jordan on naming the Championship winner year after year!

Cora Lea began her accounting career in the restaurant industry. She worked in many service industries, tourism, public accounting, non-for-profits, education, and is always happiest when she gets to deal face to face with customers.